Hello everyone and welcome back. Hope you are all able to stay warm during our cold spell for January.
Our 1st specialty dance of this season is our Valentines dance on Thurs. Feb 14th at 7pm.  Come out in your favorite red and whites and join in the fun with Neva and Dunc with some themed dances and lots of red and white treats to share.  Everyone welcome.
We are hosting the March SWOSDA dance on Saturday March 23rd from 1pm – 5pm at Notre Dame Catholic School in Owen Sound. More info at www.swosda.ca.
We dance every Thursday evening from 7pm to 930pm September through May to the calling of Neva McVitte.

The dance levels are basic, mainstream, plus and plus+ (which is plus with some added A-1 moves) and learning Rounds. We also have waltz and two-step cueing and other fun dances.

Keep on dancing, it’s good for your mind, body and soul 🙂

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